To the average Singaporean
who wants to quit their job and
earn passive income now.

Hi friends,

My name is Andy and I’m an

average Singaporean.

I used to work in a normal job, earn a normal salary, and work long hours. Gradually, I began to feel tired of my life. I work long hours, give my best for the company, but I wasn’t rewarded financially. Neither could I afford the time to spend with my family.

I was just surviving to pay my bills.

Do you feel the same?

If you feel the same, then I would like to encourage you to sign up for a free 2 hour workshop where I will reveal to you some secrets on how I managed to start my own online business without much capital, earn passive income, and live my own life without much stress.

  • Tired of working long hours
  • Want to take control of your own life
  • Afraid to lose your job when retrenchment is at an all-time high
  • Wish you have more time for your loved ones
  • Want to have an additional source of income to cope with the rising cost of living in Singapore

What is this about?

We teach people how to own an Amazon Private Label E-commerce product and start earning passive income consistently! Global eCommerce sales are expected to top $2 trillion in 2017. Ecommerce is a booming business.

Recent statistics and forecast on Global E-commerce Sales are projected to DOUBLE in 2020. It’s the best time to ride this trend now.

Amazon has outgrown other online retailers over the past decade and it seems that it still continues to grow. Hence, instead of building your own website, why not we tap into the massive traffic on Amazon?

How it works?

Not only that, Amazon offers a service called Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), which helps 3rd party sellers (just like you!) to take care of the delivery and customer services for you once the purchase is made. All you have to do is to ensure inventory is stocked up. It’s so simple!

This business is so simple that..

  • You don’t need any business savvy
  • You don’t need to know IT
  • You don’t need a huge capital downpayment to start
  • You don’t need to manage employees

You just need to know the right strategies, and the step-by-step framework that we teach to earn a consistent stream of passive income.

Here are some real results of what our students have
achieved from our training.

John Tay

"He is focused on teaching the most effective method there is
available to the best of his knowledge and he will not hold back
information to share."

Evon Chiang

"He will motivate me and pass me
tips onhow to increase my sales."

What you will learn in
this workshop:

  • 1How to find profitable and popular products that few people know about, using our secret tools.
  • 2How to find suppliers that offer the product, with good quality and small Minimum Order Quantity so investment is lower.
  • 3How to communicate with the suppliers using business jargons so that the suppliers will NOT think you are new to the industry and therefore rip you off.
  • 4How to protect yourself legally, on both ends (Amazon and China Suppliers).
  • 5How to arrange logistics of sending the items to Amazon warehouses.
  • 6How to create a POWERFUL LISTING on Amazon to give your product theadvantage over other listings.
  • 7How to market your products and gain massive awareness, and keep your prices competitive.

If you’re interested in this business, come on down
to our free 2-hour workshop.

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82 Lorong Geylang 23
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** Results varies according to each individual efforts. Your level of success in attaining results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skillets, knowledge, ability, dedication and commitment level. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.

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